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Inaugural Cigar Box Guitar Festival in Robbinsville, NC

Here's a recap of the inaugural Cigar Box Guitar Festival in Robbinsville, NC: June 10, 2023. Take in the mesmerizing melodies, electrifying performances, and soulful vibes of the recent Cigar Box Guitar Festival in the charming town of Robbinsville, North Carolina!

Immerse yourself in the unique sounds of handmade cigar box guitars, resonating through the serene landscape of Robbinsville. From bluesy riffs to folk-inspired harmonies, the festival showcased an array of musical genres that had the audience tapping their feet and swaying along.

Part music festival, part DIY tinkerers, the festival included makers who masterfully craft these beautiful instruments from humble cigar boxes. Their attention to detail and passion for their craft truly shone through, making each guitar a work of art.

The festival brought together music enthusiasts, local artisans, and families in a celebration of creativity and unity. Attendees enjoyed the warm and welcoming atmosphere, sharing stories, making new friends, and connecting over a shared love for music.

Electrifying performances by both seasoned musicians and rising talents. Acts include Steve Arvey, Cigar Box Serenaders, John Merry Go Round, Fenton Sparrow, and others.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the history of cigar box guitars and even try their hand at building and playing them during engaging workshops. These sessions allowed participants to delve deeper into the world of these unconventional instruments.

Mark your calendars for the First Annual Cigar Box Guitar Festival on June 8, 2024


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