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Fine Tuned: A Modern Collaboration of NC Music

Fine Tuned is a brand new initiative created by the Blue Ridge Music Trails in partnership with Come Hear NC. The purpose of this project is to pair established North Carolina musicians as mentors with young, upcoming musicians in studio and live environments.

An album consisting of these mentor/mentee collaborations from recording sessions across NC will be released later this year, with a run of vinyl pressings from Citizen Vinyl in Asheville. The album, produced by accomplished musician Josh Goforth, also includes musicians such as The Allen Boys, Sav Sankaran (Unspoken Tradition), David Lamotte, Kelley Breiding, Cary Fridley and more.

This initiative is a positive showcase of North Carolina's diverse, rich cultural music roots spanning multiple genres, and the impact the mentors have on their mentees. Check out the videos produced by Mountainwater Films to learn more about the Fine Tuned project!

Benjamin Barker & David LaMotte:

Sav Sankaran & Josh Jones:

Bayla Davis & Cary Fridley:

The Allen Boys with DaShawn Hickman & Kelley Breiding:

Jarrett Wildcat & Keaw'e Bone:


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